Exercise 5: The ruins of Great Zimbabwe


It was built on a hill with terraces all around and a palace complex in the center and a city leading down into the valley. The location is 30 kilometers south-east of Masvingo.


It was built for the king and his priests and soldiers. From the time of the iron age, many people moved there causing it to overpopulate.


Due to overpopulation, they expanded down into the valley. In the fourth century, the first people settled there and started to work on the now ruined city of Great Zimbabwe.


Research has proven that no foreigners helped in the construction of Great Zimbabwe.


It was discovered in the 1870s and the rumor was started that it was the source of King Solomons gold and since then diggers, looters, and murderers made it the way it is today

The Africans did build it themselves and it is genius.



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