Exercise 1: First, buy your pack animal

1) Explorers with the same mentality from the “age of adventure” find modern travel unattractive.
Escapism is seen as weakness and lack of confidence to take on reality.

2) Science and technology have taken the fun out of travel by making it too predictable.

3) Slow travel is healing and restorative because it’s slower than reality.

4) During the “age of adventure,” isolation was inevitable.
In modern travel, we isolate ourselves purposefully.

5) Science and technology have connected all of us so being able to escape that reality from time to time is healthy.
Traveling alone you learn about yourself which is good.

6) Because you don’t get to see anything of where you go in such a short period of time.

7) Trusting the people you encounter will help with ease of travel.

8) Campsites don’t have suitable grazing areas or water sources for animals.

9) It’s not necessary thanks to sign language and sounds and even body language.

10) Hey, cuz I heard you were going to travel a bit before university so I thought I would give you a few pointers.

Look for a fairly isolated area where hand so as to understand the religion and respect it.
Don’t over plan your trip it won’t have that sense of adventure then. Just pack the bare necessities such as a sleeping bag, small stove and a small tent.
To make your journey, even more, fun walk or cycle wherever you go.
An added bonus of being self-propelled is that it is much cheaper than renting a vehicle and good for your body and environment.

And please don’t take any form of connection with the rest of the world with you like your mobile phone laptop anything!!!
Don’t worry about learning the local language sign language and basic sounds can take you a long way.
Please be wary of your surroundings and possible dangers and threats.
And last but definitely not least DONT FORGET TO TAKE YOUR COMPASS!

Now go and have fun…
Kind regards from your cousin.



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